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Here’s the winners for the 2012 Toronto Indie.

All films were screened at the Toronto Underground Cinema
See below for the full line-up.
Winners 2012

Feature Film (budget over $250k USD):  Broadway’s Finest, Director: Stephen Marro
Micro-budget Feature (budget under $250k USD): Nothing Without You, Director: Xackery Irving
No-Budget Feature (budget under $25k USD): GODART, Director: Paul Plett
Best Director: In Montauk, Director: Kim Cummings
Sci-Fi/Horror: Below Zero, Director: Justin Thomas Ostensen
Comedy/Musical: Welcome to Harlem, Director Mark Blackman
Documentary Feature: Material Success, Director: Jesse Mann
LGBT Film:  Thanksgiving Wishes, Director: D.J. Sweet
Music Video:  Bend Your Back, Director: Ace Salisbury
Short Film (Jury Award):  Candy Apple, Director: Lisa Miron Rambaldini
Short Film (Audience Award):  Eye of the Beholder, Director: Adam Bogoch
Animated Short:  Being Bradford Dillman, Director: Emma Birch
Horror/Sci-Fi Short:  Roachfar, Director: Steven Cerritos

Screenplay Award categories:
Feature Screenplay: Kitty S., by Annie Howard
Sci-Fi / Horror Screenplay: Worm, by Keir Burrows
Comedy Screenplay: The Heckler, Mike Hanson

Here’s the line-up for the 2012 Toronto Indie.

All films are screened at the Toronto Underground Cinema

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Evening tickets cost $8 per evening, while passes cost $50 for the whole festival

Thursday Sept 6

18:00 – Film: Detroit Winter (77 min)

dir. by Barbara Troy


Todd runs into his ex-girlfriend, literally, with his car. Not seriously injured they begin a date. Until all hell breaks loose. Detroit can be a very dangerous place in the winter.

19:45 – Shorts Block 1

Trust Face (12 min) dir. by Craig Stewart
One Wish (22 min) dir. by Jim Calarco
A Band Called Catl (14 min) dir. by Jonathan Lawley
Cellist (8 min) dir. by Justin Lake
Astronomy Girl (9 min) dir. by Robyn Watkins
Other (15 min) dir. by Daniel Del Purgatorio

21:15 – Film: Blissestraße (99 min)

dir. by Paul Donovan

Drama (strong sexual themes)

To beat a drug rap, Harris Reynolds joins a christian youth mission in Berlin. Living with a group of committed young Christians in the sea of temptation that is modern Berlin is a tough row for Harris to hoe. But he knows that if he does not maintain absolute discipline, several years in the D.C. pen await him.


Friday Sept 7

18:00 – Film: She Paid the Ultimate Price (58 min)

dir. by Iryna Korpan


A Holocaust documentary about the heroic deeds of a Ukrainian woman, widow, mother of three small children, who, while trying to save her Jewish neighbours, herself fell victim to the Nazis.

19:30 – Shorts Block 2

Steel Viper Force (23 min) dir. by Curtis Grahauer
Being Bradford Dilman (10 min) dir. by Emma Burch
Amalgamations (15 min) dir. by Elaine Poon
Exeunt (10 min) dir. by Stash Capar
Wild Dogs (11 min) dir. by Saravanan Sambasivam
Grounded (8 min) dir. by Kevin Margo & Barrett Meeker
First Words (8 min) dir. by Fabien Melanson

21:15 – Film: Broadway’s Finest (88 min)

dir. by Stephen Marro


Broadway’s Finest is a diverting story about three struggling men who impersonate New York City undercover cops and chase down a notorious drug dealer to get the authentic material they need to create their own cutting edge police drama.


Saturday Sept 8

17:30 – Film: Brilliant Mistakes (116m)


dir. by Paul Brighton

Marcus, a young English teacher from a quiet New England town is in love with Gabby. When a devastating accident nearly kills her and renders her in a vegetative state, Marcus must made some very difficult life decisions.

19:45 – Shorts Block 3

The Borough (22 min) dir. by Anthony Chambers
Dorothy (14 min) dir. by Eros Romero
Carpe Diem (10 min) dir. by Danelene O’Flynn
ASL (6 min) dir. by Chidi Nwaozomudoh
Flapjack (11 min) dir. by Val Blakely

21:15 – Film: Nothing Without You (95 min)

dir. by Xackery Irving


A psych-patient, accused of a violent murder, turns to her court-appointed psychiatrist to prove her innocence and sanity. Her psychiatrist must help her decipher delusion from truth to unravel the mystery of her reality. This fast-paced thriller will keep you guessing until the very end.


Sunday Sept 9

18:00 – Film: Welcome to Harlem (105 min)

dir. by Mark Blackman

Music and Dance

After realizing that most of Manhattan today is less about art and culture and more about money and corruption, Marty decides to take a chance and move uptown to Harlem, NYC. Once there, he finds a hilarious adventure of friendship, love and community enveloped in music, dance, grit featuring one of the most unique neighborhoods on the planet. Once there, Marty quickly learns that Harlem is not quite what he expected…

19:45 – Shorts Block 4

RootWork (18 min) dir. by Dan Sacco
The Lion Sleeps (4 min) dir. by Anders Wahl & Kyla Lytwynec
Teach’er (15 min) dir. by Cody Campanale
Candy Apple (7 min) dir. by Lisa Miron Rambaldini
This Shining Night (16 min) dir. by Keith Oncale

21:00 – Film: Soft Gun (81 min)

dir. By Guillaume Collin, Jesse Kray, Alexandra Bégin


It is summer, Alex is out of work and does not know what to do with herself. After an awkward moment in a bar with friends, she decides to drive non-stop to see her cousin Jesse in Georgia. The two reunite after years apart and they decide to go on a trip through the southern U.S.A. They don’t know where they are going, but they are about to discover their own path.


Monday Sept 10

18:00 – Film: Surviving Family (87 min)

dir. by Laura Thies

Terry surprises her estranged family by showing up on her birthday, to inform them of her plans to marry Alex in one week. The surprise is on Terry, though, when she meets the half sister she never knew existed.

19:45 – Shorts Block 5

Thanksgiving Wishes (26 min) dir. by D.J. Sweet
Dead Monday (14 min) dir. by Mark Korven
Seven Years (11 min) dir. by Larry Bain
Eye of the Beholder (12 min) dir. by Adam Bogoch

21:15 – Film: Dead Saints (96 min)

dir. by Robin North


In an institution for troubled girls, Zoe, an angry delinquent, is forced to share a room with silent Jehanne, a girl who lives as a saint in a world of her own devising. Hostile at first, an uneasy truce is struck in the face of a common enemy. As their friendship grows the wall between this world and that of Jehanne’s fantasies begins to thin, revealing to Zoe a beautiful escape.


Tuesday Sept 11

18:00 – Shorts Block 6

Dragonfly (11 min) dir. by Tyler Parr
Mauthausen Twice (17 min) dir. by Seth Feldman
Seeing in the Dark (12 min) dir. by Helen Hatzis
Souffle (5 min) dir. by Paul Ruban
Chance (14 min) dir. by Rob Comeau
Dare to Dream (2 min) dir. by Mena Nunes

19:15 – Film: Funeral Season (85 min)

dir. by Matthew Lancit


Director Matthew Lancit quit his day job to travel across Cameroon, visiting some of the world’s most joyous funeral celebrations. Throughout his excursion in the foreign countryside, Lancit is taken with the locals’ belief that the dead are still roaming the Earth, leading Lancit himself to experience what might be a spiritual connection with his own ancestors. Ultimately, Lancit learns about an altogether new way to celebrate the dead, their memory, and the ways in which they still affect and even interact in our lives.


21:15 – Film: GODART (95 min)

dir. by Paul Plett


A unique story of friendship that rises and falls with the rich diversity of Canada’s changing landscape. GODART follows the journey of two young men who meet as strangers on the east coast and decide to hitchhike west.


Wednesday Sept 12

18:00 – Film: Material Success (83m)

dir. by Jesse Mann


Material Success chronicles the misadventures of the eccentric designer Bruno Ierullo preparing for his first fashion show after tragedy inspires him to put his life savings on the line to make a mid-life career change into the world of fashion. Featuring over 300 hand-made garments of kaleidoscopic colour and the unbridled ideologies of Bruno’s new life and artistry.

19:45 – Shorts Block 7

Strange Day in July (12 min) dir. by Shantal Reich
White (13 min) dir. by Sam Kay
Dolime Dilema (12 min) dir. by Kristy Neville
Shuffle (17 min) dir. by Garrett Bennett
Alchemy and Other Imperfections (11 min) dir. by Zachary Rothman

21:15 – Film: West of Thunder (83 min)

dir. by Steve Russell, Jody Marriott Bar-Lev


South Dakota 1899 – When a mysterious stranger, Henry Seed, visits a small town on the outskirts of the Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation he brings with him a terrible resolve. When eerie, inexplicable and deadly events that mirror the atrocities that had been put upon the Lakota people begin to occur in this western town, everything seems to point to Seed. Little Thunder, the Lakota’s spiritual leader, envisions the far-reaching consequences of taking this path of righteous revenge or maintaining the integrity of the traditional Lakota values and the interconnected circles of all mankind.


Thursday Sept 13

18:00 – Film: Open Pit (71 min)

dir. by Gianni Converso


The film explores the impacts of gold mining, one of the most lucrative industries in the world. The film gives an intimate look into the lives of native populations in Peru, their customs and traditions currently being threatened by the world’s intense demand for gold. The film also looks at the impact of gold mining on the social, economic and political life of the country.

19:30 – Music Video Night

Mike D – Back in Time — dir. by Dennis Hingsberg
X-Man — dir. by Malcolm Rector
Muscle Hawk’s “Electric Light” — dir. by Jonathan Martin
Tulipomania: Rumble Thud — dir. by Cheryl Gelover
The Way It Is — dir. by Willie Frickelton
Googleable — dir. by Luisa Valencia
Postcard From 1952 — dir. by Peter Simonite
MAGNOLIUS – King for Hire — dir. by Justin T. Lee
A House, A Home — dir. by Daniel Fickle
Bend Your Back — dir. by Ace Salisbury
F**k The Fed — dir. by Neal Fox
GONE (Tribute to the O.D.B.) — dir. by David F. Mewa
Forgiveness — dir. by Waleed Moursi
Fire — dir. by Mason Jar
Yeku Remixed — dir. by Simon Lardie
I Shoulda Poked Her in the Whiskers — dir. by Dave Reilander
And It Was — dir. by Willie Frickelton
Give Up — dir. by Stephen Unger
The Art of Beat Making — dir. by Will Cyr
Delica-m: Life In Pictures — dir. by Herman Wang
High Time For A Hero — dir. by Christina Eliopoulos

21:15 – Film: My Father and the Man in Black (90 min)

dir. by Jonathan Holiff


An intense personal adventure with universal themes that just happens to feature on of 20th-century music’s greatest icons, ‘My Father and The Man In Black’ presents the untold story of ‘bad boy’ Johnny Cash, his talented but troubled manager, Saul Holiff, and a son searching for clues to his father’s suicide in the shadow of a legend. Before there was Johnny and June, there was Johnny and Saul.


Friday Sept 14

18:00 – Film: In Montauk (67 min)

dir. by Kim Cummings


Julie Wagner has everything today’s young woman thinks she wants. But when a prickly but brilliant composer-musician knocks on her door with an odd request, Julie ushers in a series of events that will bring her in contact with her buried hopes and fears, and force her to make choices she couldn’t have fathomed.

19:15 – Shorts Block 8

Roachfar (24 min) dir. by Steven Cerritos
Demon Bitch (11 min) dir. by Mike McMurran
Parasite (12 min) dir. by Adrian Ross Munro
Melissa! (23 min) dir. by Michael Sykora
No Rest for the Wicked (16 min) dir. by Ryan Schifrin

21:15 – Film: Below Zero (94 min)

dir. by Justin Thomas Ostensen

Dark Comedy

Desperate to meet a career-saving deadline and escape the distractions of his troubled life, screenwriter Jack arranges to be locked inside a meat cooler, with only vegetarian meals and his imagination to inspire him. As the temperature drops, the lines between reality and fiction blur, and Jack’s script comes dangerously to life.


Saturday Sept 15

18:00 – Film: The Power of Three (94 min)

dir. by Yvonne Deutschman


Michelle is turning 50. A time to set aside youthful dreams. Or is it? Michelle, Olivia and Lizzie—separated by time and distance—reunite in London. Life hasn’t gone to plan for any of them. Is it too late to start over? Make a fresh start? Each has a dream and a personal quest. But they can’t succeed on their own. It takes an entire community. But it starts with the power of three.

19:45 – Shorts Block 9

Fish (3 min) dir. by Greg Zajac
Life and Burgers (8 min) dir. by James Rasile
Chasing Roadrunner (15 min) dir. by Jeffrey Ching
Wild Dogs (11 min) dir. by XX
Blind Spot (6 min) dir. by Matthew Nayman
Those Forgotten (7 min) dir. by Alyssa Buchanan
2 A Short Film (10 min) dir. by Kegan Sant

21:15 – Film: Transatlantic Coffee (104 min)

dir. by Erik Peter Carlson


Inspired by a true story, “Transatlantic Coffee” is a tale of boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl …only the boy is a 41 year old clown, the girl, a teenage stripper from London. Alex is battling bleak circumstances within his version of a hostile world. However, his outlook evolves with the emergence of the young, sharp and adventurous, Mandie. The oddball duo embrace each other for who they are, until Alex’s secret trauma bubbles to the surface, leaving for a climax that should not be missed.