arc 2014

Here’s the winners of the 2014 Toronto Indie.
No-Budget Feature (budget under $25k): Seahorses, Director: Jason Kartalian
Micro-budget Feature (budget under $250k): The Road to Tophet, Director: Steve Schmidt
Low-budget Feature Film (budget over $250k): Victims, Director: Chris Abell
Sci-Fi/Horror Feature: Ku_on, Director: Takayuki Hatamura
Female Director Feature: Silent Ones, Director Ricky Rijneke
Documentary Feature: Tager, Director: Nathaniel Fox-Pappas
Festival Director’s Award Feature: The Last Gamble, Director: Joe E. Goodavage
LGBT Film: Narcissist, Director: Eric Casaccio
Music Video: Who I Am, Director: Dawn Young
Short Film (Jury Award): The Golden Hour, Director: Jason R. Gray
Short Film (Audience Award): My Heritage, Director: Philip Leung & Alex Narvaez
Short Film (Festival Director Award): Junction, Director: Rouzbeh Heydari
Documentary Short: The Sex Life of Trees, Director: Valerie Sabaliauskas
Sci-Fi/Horror Short: Itsy Bitsy Spiders, Director: Bertrand Paré
Animated Short: Dear Love, Director: Sarah Legault
Short Short: All That You Loved, Director: Nathan Baldassero
Experimental Short: Bye-bye Star-Fizz, Director: Charline Branger

Screenplay Award categories:
Feature Screenplay: The Taking of the King, by Nelson Blish
Sci-Fi / Horror Screenplay: The Last Iceberg, by Anne Ousby & Colin Stewart
Congratulations to all our 2014 Winners!

Here’s the line-up for the 2014 Toronto Indie.

All films are screened at the Carlton Cinema in downtown Toronto

To buy evening tickets or festival passes, visit the Carlton Cinema
Feature film tickets cost $8 per film, shorts blocks cost $8 per 80 minute block, and festival passes cost $50 for the whole festival

Thursday Sept 4

18:00 – Feature Film: Rearview (83 min)

dir. by Robert Gulassarian


Fresno’s life unravels and we learn why he is stuck in the past. But the journey he is on is driving him down a path of demise and some of the people he is affiliated with are the same ones that are influencing his life choices for the worse.

19:45 – Shorts Block 1

Silk Road Ghosts (10m) dir. by Stephen Fenech
Ruler of the Roost (10m) dir. by Benjamin Turnbull
Steam Kings (8m) dir. by Alison Beland
Here (7m) dir. by Kevin Hareguy
Prinsesa (12m) dir. by Drew Stephens
Till Dawn (12m) dir. by Andre Sills
Skate (7 min) dir by Daniel Sarkissian

21:15 – Sneak Preview: White Rabbit (89 min)

dir. by Tim McCann


Harlon has been tormented since childhood by visions of the white rabbit his father forced him to kill while hunting as a young boy. Now a bullied teenager, Harlon’s undiagnosed mental illness is getting worse. He begins to hear voices and imagines the characters in his dark comic books are speaking to him. The rabbit along with other imaginary characters taunt him into committing one final act of revenge.


Friday Sept 5 — Thriller Night

18:00 – Feature Film: The Road to Tophet (81 min)

dir. by Steve Schmidt


A modern folk tale of greed, envy and betrayal set against the backdrop of northern Ontario’s stunning scenery.

19:45 – Thriller Shorts Block 2

Beauty Sleep (12m) dir. by Andrew Robinson
Junction (25m) dir by Rouzbeh Heydari
Tasha And Friends (14m) dir. by Greg Kovac
PayOff – Blood or Money (23m) dir. by Tristan Smith

21:15 – Film: The Last Gamble (108 min)

dir. by Joe E. Goodavage



Elizabeth enjoys a successful psychiatric practice in upper Manhattan, and a long-term relationship with her Commodities Broker boyfriend, Michael. A weekend retreat to Palm Beach takes an unexpected turn when Elizabeth falls into a passionate one-night stand.


Saturday Sept 6

18:00 – Feature Film: The Nanabijou Tapes (76 min)

dir. by Chris Borgo


Four documentary filmmakers went missing in May of 2010. Two months later their camcorder was found.

19:45 – Shorts Block 3

Storytelling – the movie (10m) dir. by Stefanie Black
Bear Cop (12m) dir. by Stephen Corston
Cantonese Style! (9m) dir. by Bea Soong
Dear Love (11m) dir. by Sarah Legault
The Sex Life of Trees (22m) dir. by Valerie Sabaliauskas

21:15 – Feature Film: Victims (80 min)

dir. by Chris Abell



Lindsay and Spencer are a typical young couple, but their lives are changed forever after a violent home invasion. Now Lindsay finds herself a prisoner in her own home as her husband tortures the men responsible.


Sunday Sept 7

18:00 – Feature Film: The Fine Art of Falling Apart (71 min)

dir. by Ace A. McCallum


Daryl’s failed attempts to impregnate Faye intensifies the demise of their volatile relationship.


19:45 – Feature Film: After the War: Memoirs of Exile (52 min)

dir. by P.J. Marcellino


Seventy years after WWII, several generations of the same German-Ukrainian family trace back memories, and reflect on the psychological trauma left by the war.

21:00 – Feature Film: William’s Lullaby (111 min)

dir. by Nicholas Arnold


A single father struggles to raise his five-year-old son while coming to terms with a trauma from his own childhood.


Monday Sept 8

18:00 – Feature Film: That Thing With The Cat (78 min)

dir. by Neil Turitz


A young shut-in sets out to solve the mystery of who killed her neighbor’s cat.

19:45 – Shorts Block 4

En Pointe (9m) dir. by Daniel Tacchino
Sea Child (13m) dir. by Marina Shron
Tager (37m) dir. by Nathaniel Fox-Pappas
Hail Fellow Well Met (21m) dir. by Travis Hayden-Rowe

21:15 – Feature Film: Milwood (90 min)

dir. by Michelle Romano


After a fatal accident occurs, Nathan is assigned to the Milwood facility for young adults. During his time at Milwood, Nathan becomes a victim of unforeseen terror and unusual behavior.


Tuesday Sept 9

18:00 – Feature Film: What’s Left of Life (88 min)

dir. by Isaias San Martin


Troubled Bruno finds himself facing the world alone while trying to leaved a normal life. Fate constantly puts him to the test.

20:00 – Music Videos

Brave Men (6m) dir. by Joe Zohar
Hammock – I Could Hear The Water At The Edge Of All Things (6m) dir. by Alex Amoling
Humanoid (4m) dir. by Woo-Hyuk(Dooboo) Kim
Police State Music Video (5m) dir. by Justin LeDuc
Delica-m: Pretty In The Dark (4m) dir. by Herman Wang
Who I Am (4m) dir. by Dawn Young
Orishas (7m) dir. by Santiago Echeverry
Writing On The Wall (4m) dir. by John Kopanski
The Man Who Was Forever Haunted by His Head (6m) dir. by Claudio Sichel
Exit Hoods “Spooky Actions In The Distance” (4m) dir. by Ilya Simakov
Elefreak “Fe” (4m) dir. by Vadim Lasca
Only Me [Solo Yo] (4m) dir. by Carlos Hurtado

21:15 – Feature Film: Life Inside Out (103 min)

dir. by Jill D’Agnenica


When a mother returns to her musical roots, she rediscovers the passion of her youth, and finds a way to connect with her troubled teenage son.


Wednesday Sept 10

18:00 – Feature Film: Komatose (83m)

dir. by Mark Boucher


When Perry is introduced to a powerful new substance called Komatic, he is given the opportunity to relive his most treasured memories. Delving further into his past, Perry is thrust into a nightmarish journey through his deepest and most startling obsessions.

19:45 – Shorts Block 5

Crystal (17m) dir. by Chell Stephen
A Wasteland of Hate (13m) dir. by Julien Tran
demeRARA” (14 min) dir by Theo Yfantidis
Strip Solidão (20m) dir. by Flavia Abtibol
bye-bye star-fizz (13m) dir. by charline branger
Freestate (12m) dir. by Martha Ferguson
The Night (11m) dir. by Greg Spieser
Wet Dreams (7m) dir. by Lyndal Moody & Tim Blackburn

21:15 – Film: Silent Ones (97 min)

dir. by Ricky Rijneke


After her brother’s disappearance, a young Hungarian woman leaves aboard a cargo ship to keep her promise of finding a better life. A surreal trip on the fragile edge of life and death.


Thursday Sept 11

18:00 – Feature Film: The Missionary Position (79 min)

dir. by Robin Sharp



A Christian sex comedy about Jenny Stone, a 21-year-old missionary who begins an affair with a mysterious teenage runaway at crumbling art deco movie palace in downtown Toronto.

19:45 – Shorts Block 6

Nayan and the Evil Eye (8m) dir. by Shaleen Sangha
When It Is Dark (8m) dir. by Kate Yorga
The Golden Hour (39m) dir. by Jason R. Gray
Sleep (4m) dir. by Michael Clowater
My Heritage (11m) dir. by Philip Leung

21:15 – Feature Film: Indigo (92 min)

dir. by John Smith


A successful photographer and recovering heroin addict tries to solve a mystery and conquer his demons after his son is kidnapped.


Friday Sept 12 — Sci-Fi night

18:00 – Feature Film: Plato’s Reality Machine (79 min)

dir. by Myles Sorensen


For Charles, video-games are a much needed escape from reality. But when virtual vixen Sophia leads him on a mysterious quest that interweaves with the lovelorn lives of five of his fellow New Yorkers, they will all learn that in the game of life, every heart is a moving target.

19:45 – Sci- Fi Shorts Block 7

Remora (9m) dir. by Dylan Bell
Lost In The Sky (15m) dir. by Matt Landry
Dreams of the Last Butterflies (10m) dir. by Zina Brown
Emily 2050 – short (28m) dir. by Ardy Aryan
Incoming (5m) dir. by Lia Odette
Itsy Bitsy Spiders (12m) dir. by Bertrand Paré

21:15 – Feature Film: Ku_On

dir. by Takayuki Hatamura


200 years ago a meteorite fell in a remote region of Japan. Villagers living in the vicinity experienced genetic mutations and a few developed ‘special cursed powers’. A decedent of the village, office worker Hiroyuki Sano, suddenly exhibits these powers one day.


Saturday Sept 13

18:00 – Feature Film: Red Gold (70 min)

dir. by Michael Keller


Desperate to save his family, a poor Indian boy is coerced by a local kingpin to sell his kidney. When he is cheated out of his money, he vows to steal the criminal’s bloody business, for survival and revenge.

19:45 – Shorts Block 8

Instance (14m) dir. by Michael Farrell
All That You Loved (6m) dir. by Nathan Baldassero
Building on Sand (8m) dir. by Kejd Kuqo
Amygdala (10m) dir. by Jeannette Louie
Rink Rats (20m) dir. by Javier Badillo
Narcissist (17m) dir. by Eric Casaccio

21:15 – Feature Film: Seahorses (93 min)

dir. by Jason Kartalian


A lonely and intense man invites a mysterious woman he met on craigslist into his house and gets much more than what he bargains for as this strange young woman takes over his life. What transpires is a dramatically intense and darkly comic journey about love, co-dependency and loss.