Winners 2013

No-Budget Feature (budget under $25k): Wet Behind the Ears, Director: Sloan Copeland
Micro-budget Feature (budget under $150k): Unhappy Happy, Director: Rob Shaw
Feature Film (budget over $150k): Roaming, Director: Michael Ray Fox
Sci-Fi/Horror: They Will Outlive Us All, Director: Patrick Shearer
Comedy/Musical: The Crooked Anchor , Director Sean Tighe
Documentary Feature: The Rep, Director: Morgan White
LGBT Film: Too Cold Out There Without You, Director: Amy Gattie
Music Video: But I Do, Director: Katherine Chloe Cahoon
Short Film (Jury Award): Bent, Director: Amy Jo Johnson
Short Film (Audience Award): Today I Will Tell Her, Director: Jon Murray
Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Short: Doctor Fang, Director: Owen Coughlan
Animated Short: The Ghost Of Ed , Director: Charlie Conlon

Screenplay Award categories:
Feature Screenplay: Summer Breeze, by Georgina Townshend
Sci-Fi / Horror Screenplay: Ship of the Dead, by Robert Kois
Comedy Screenplay: Jackpot, by Shannon Iyer

Here’s the line-up for the 2013 Toronto Indie.

All films are screened at the Carlton Cinema in downtown Toronto

To buy evening tickets or festival passes,visit the Carlton Cinema Site
Feature film tickets cost $8 per film, shorts blocks cost $8 per 80 minute block, and festival passes cost $50 for the whole festival

Thursday Sept 5

18:00 – Film: Roaming (80 min)

dir. by Michael Ray Fox


An Autistic game designer, William Borchert, who has barely left his house in years reunited with Olivia, the best friend that he had loved since high school. He now begins to pursue her, and from that, he’s able to face the world by dealing with his condition, his past, and a hopeful future. A love story with an autistic twist.

19:45 – Shorts Block 1

Bye (2m) dir. by Chris Muir
Foleywood: The Legend of Boomer Lav (16m) dir. by Kevin Colacci
Down and Out (28m) dir. by Adam Simopoulos
A Rainy Day for Earthworms (16m) dir. by Gary Mei
Foot in the Door (7m) dir. by Vik Dhawan
Love Changes (13m) dir. by Jane Kapriss

21:30 – Film: In Return (92 min)

dir. by Chris Dymond


Thompson Doinel is a hopeless romantic who is searching for a meaningful relationship when he falls for Lola, a beautiful, young woman. But Thompson doesn’t realize Lola’s keeping a secret – she lives in the streets.


Friday Sept 6 — Sci Fi Night

18:00 – Film: Polypore (72 min)

dir. by Jesse Barack


In this quirky Sci-Fi adventure, a young man must cope with involuntary telepathy, a potion-induced transformation, teleporting agents and a clone reincarnation, all while dodging an evil corporation that wants to harvest his brain for knowledge.

19:45 – Sci-Fi Shorts Block 2

Serenity (3m) dir. by Emma Catalfamo
The Exit Room (10m) dir. by Todd Wiseman Jr.
Somnium (15m) dir. by Adam Pelletier
North Bay (15m) dir. by Adam Grabarnick
Cough (11m) dir. by Jason Kempnich
Doktor Fang (18m) dir. by Owen Coughlan

21:30 – Film: Rulers of Darkness (89 min)

dir. by Dale Windle


When you search for the truth… You better pray you don’t find it. A young man goes searching for answers about his mother’s death and discovers a strange entity in the woods. The story was inspired by declassified top secret files about the “Falcon Lake Incident”, a UFO encounter near the remote town of Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada which occurred on May 20, 1967..


Saturday Sept 7

18:00 – Music Videos

Suicidal Rock (??? ??????? ) dir. by Kajart
Smola – Dive (3m) dir. by Jens Joneleit
In Everyone’s Eyes (en todas las miradas) (6m) dir. by Lloyd Frost
Transgender (4m) dir. by Lian Morrison
Candy Cane (3m) dir. by Rachel Woods, Victor Masters
Drawbridge – Kingsway & The Weber Brothers (5m) dir. by Kate MacDonald
Condor Jam (9m) dir. by Thomas Simon
Evening Hymns – Family Tree (4m) dir. by Chris Altorf, James Cooper, Jessica Hayes
You’re My Destiny Music Video (5m) dir. by Jennifer Gellman
La Vie En Rose (2m) dir. by Ivo Raza
Reverie (5m) dir. by Timothy Nesmith
But I Do (4m) dir. by Katherine Chloe Cahoon
Sad Robot (4m) dir. by Michael Lavers
Lay Me Down (4m) dir. by Danilo Baracho
Dear Ex (3m) dir. by Alliah Fafin
So Many Ways (7m) dir. by Thomas Simon
Delica-m: Mean Something (5m) dir. by Herman Wang

20:00 – Shorts Block 3

The Crooked Anchor (13m) dir. by Sean Tighe
Worlds We Created (10m) dir. by Nicholas Santos
The Cold Heart (29m) dir. by Hannes Rall
Box (15m) dir. by Chris Dolman

21:30 – Film: Montreal Underground (83 min)

dir. by Giuliano Bossa


Montreal Underground examines the life and struggles of being a musician in the DIY local scene of Montreal. We follow different musicians and bands that are and have been keeping the scene alive for more than 25 years, and through it, the evolution of the city. The rise and fall of venues, of the music industry, of different genres, and the fight to continue making music against all odds.


Sunday Sept 8

18:00 – Film: Spencer (74 min)

dir. by Geoff Lerer


Follow the travails of Spencer Baum, an aspiring filmmaker trying to make his first movie in Brooklyn. On the brink of success, Spencer’s world is shattered when his supermodel/actress girlfriend ditches him. Spencer must overcome the loss of his leading lady and the funding that came along with her name above the line, plus an overeager mother and a terrible part-time job as a clown for children’s parties.

19:45 – Shorts Block 4

The Ghost Of Ed (4m) dir. by Charlie Conlon
The Pink Umbrella (6m) dir. by Nishant Bahl
Street Wonders (12m) dir. by Wilfred Tangid
Your Place or Mine (6m) dir. by Jessica Joy Wise
Algebra (14m) dir. by Jith Paul
The Swimmer (20m) dir. by Giovanni Basso
South Platte (14m) dir. by Gastón Yvorra

21:30 – Film: Wet Behind the Ears (90 min)

dir. by Sloan Copeland


Join Samantha Phelps on her journey into the job market, where minimum wage or jail time seem to be the only options. This film takes a comical look at joblessness and adjusting to the real world in a way that will resonate with an underemployed generation.


Monday Sept 9

18:00 – Film: Too Cold Out There Without You (80 min)

dir. by Amy Gattie


When the Rev. Christopher Fike was ordained in the Episcopal Church he was a straight, married mother of two. Five years later he had completed his transition and now identifies as a man. This film is a post-transition story that looks beyond the act of transitioning and instead focuses on the transformations that take place in Chris’s relationships and the church as a result of his transition.

19:45 – Shorts Block 5

Zoey’s Hill (10m) dir. by Jorge Molina
The Blanketing (8m) dir. by Trevor Mack
Way Charn! The Legend of Scrin Pipjaw (13m) dir. by Kelso Steinhoff
The Count’s Mabel (7m) dir. by Dale Wolfe
Splendor (25m) dir. by Eric Yandoc
Today I Will Tell Her (7m) dir. by Jon Murray
Walk the Light (14m) dir. by Anthony Sabet

21:30 – Film: In the Company of Strangers (89 min)

dir. by Thomas Hofbauer


A angry young man in trouble with the law is sentenced to 600 hours of community service in an AIDS hospice. There it is hoped that he can learn tolerance and compassion. While there, he helps to reconcile a dying man with his estranged son. At the same time, the young man attempts to reconnect with his own distant father.


Tuesday Sept 10

17:30 – Film: The Crossing (86 min)

dir. by Julian Harvey


Follows two young Australians as they set off on the adventure of a lifetime. The pair attempted to drag their home-made kayaks more than one thousand kilometres across a remote island in the arctic. Equal parts rock n’ roll and youthful exuberance, resulting in disaster. They battled freezing temperatures, knee-deep mud, razor-sharp rocks, got chased by wolves and hid from polar bears.

19:20 – Film: Where’s the Fair? (84 min)

dir. by Jeffrey Ford


The simple question, ‘What happened to the World’s Fair?’ launches a journey that uncovers the sorted past, present, and future of the United State’s role in the largest global event in human history – The World’s Fair. This is a raw, critical, contemporary exploration of the policy decisions that continue to disconnect the United States from the international community


21:15 – Film: Tree Line (106 min)

dir. by Nicholas Kinsey


Fire-spotter Meg Wilson has disappeared into the wilderness. Her estranged daughter Susan puts aside their unhappy past in a dangerous attempt to find her.


Wednesday Sept 11

18:00 – Film: The Occupation (83m)

dir. by Matthew Van Deventer & Rafferty Baker


The film follows the Occupy movement through the lives of those living at the Occupy Vancouver encampment. The filmmakers documented the rise and fall of Occupy Vancouver from the pitching of the first tent to the occupants forced exodus.

20:00 – Shorts Block 6

Evening Hymns – Family Tree (4m) dir. by Chris Altorf, James Cooper, Jessica Hayes
A Subsequent Life (8m) dir. by Katie Boland, Rebekah Miskin
Strangers (8m) dir. by kevin hoffman
Bent (20m) dir. by Amy Jo Johnson
Insideout (10m) dir. by flaminia graziadei
Brightwood (18m) dir. by Lautaro Gabriel Gonda

21:30 – Film: The Rep (99 min)

dir. by Morgan White


Follows the first year of business for Alex, Charlie, and Nigel as they try to make their theatre, The Toronto Underground Cinema, a success in the dying world of repertory cinema. The film also places the cinema in context to the larger world of rep. Featuring interviews with theatres such as Film Forum in NYC, The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, and The New Beverly Cinema in L.A., and celebrities such as Kevin Smith, John Waters, Atom Egoyan, and George A. Romero, the world of repertory cinema will come alive as a vibrant and culturally significant medium that needs to be preserved.


Thursday Sept 12

18:15 – Film: Erase Una Vez En Bolivia “Once Upon a Time in Bolivia” (73 min)

dir. by Patrick L Cordova


Three days, two brothers, one hell of a journey. Set against the backdrop of the crisis that enveloped Bolivia in October 2003, the story focuses on the relationship between Nene, an indigenous Bolivian and his white half brother, Rocky as they travel through some of the most remote, dangerous yet beautiful parts of Bolivia. The two brothers slowly get to know each other and ultimately find acceptance and strength in a new friendship.

20:00 – Shorts Block 7

The Paintbrush (9m) dir. by Troy Fullerton
The Mermaid Complex (20m) dir. by Adrienne Friedberg
Loraine (16m) dir. by Daniel Sarkissian
If I Were A Bell (20m) dir. by Sherese Robinson Lee
Manfred and the Waiting Room (9m) dir. by Joel Breitman
Leading Lines (8m) dir. by Paulina Piwowarek

21:45 – Film: Unhappy Happy (95 min)

dir. by Rob Shaw


The film tells the story of an unhappy corporate-team builder who tries to invent a device to bring happiness to his terminally-ill brother with the help of a brilliant-but-damaged woman. What is the nature of true happiness?


Friday Sept 13 — Return of Sci-Fi night

18:00 – Film: They Will Outlive Us All (73 min)

dir. by Patrick Shearer


New York City. 2016. In the years since Hurricane Sandy, the city has been brought to its knees by a series of ‘Frankenstorms.’ Roommates Margot and Daniel attempt to survive this ‘new’ New York by avoiding it at all costs. But with the advent of three strange deaths in their Brooklyn building, the world they’ve been hiding from begins knocking hard on the back door.

19:45 – Sci- Fi Shorts Block 8

Date in Time (17m) dir. by Norman Hussey
MicroTime (14m) dir. by Nir Yaniv
Panic (14m) dir. by Ingrid Khoury
Recall (20m) dir. by Jeff Vitkuske
Echoes (16m, Italy) dir. by Andrea La Mendola
Quintipus (8m) dir. by Victoria Angell

21:15 – Film: Rex Kyro: Mission to Marry (108 min)

dir. by Sean O’Neill


Captain Rex Kyro, next in line to rule the Red Star Galaxy, desires most above all else to get married, but his father King Dirk has outlawed marriage for heterosexuals. Finding his one and only true love has given him the strength to face his dad and bring marriage equality to the galaxy.


Saturday Sept 14

18:00 – Shorts Block 9

CHAD Exodus (15m) dir. by Stephen Fenech
Knit Wit 15 min. (15m) dir. by Andreas Trauttmansdorff
Toronto Sounds (27m) dir. by Victor CH Fan
Granny Baby (9m) dir. by Eva Colmers

19:30 – Film: Murder of Couriers (94 min)

dir. by Neil Brill & Thomas Macleod


The film documents the lives of a group of bike messengers over a nearly three-year span. This film was made by couriers, about couriers, for a wide general audience and offers the chance to experience a lifestyle that not many get the privilege to enjoy.

21:15 – Film: Nothing Without You (95 min)

dir. by Xackery Irving


A psych-patient, accused of a violent murder, turns to her court-appointed psychiatrist to prove her innocence and sanity. Her psychiatrist must help her decipher delusion from truth to unravel the mystery of her reality. This fast-paced thriller will keep you guessing until the very end.