Here’s the winners of the 2015 Toronto Indie.
No-Budget Feature (budget under $25k): Cold Season, Director: Carley Smale
Micro-budget Feature (budget under $250k): Boned, Director: Laura Lee Bahr
Low-budget Feature Film (budget over $250k): She Sings to the Stars, Director: Jennifer Corcoran
Sci-Fi/Horror Feature: Valley of the Sasquatch, Director: John Portanova
Documentary Feature: Runt, Director: Augusto Monk
Festival Director’s Award Feature: Girl on the Edge, Director: Jay Silverman
LGBT Film: Reinventing the Reel, Director: Michael Gorlick
Music Video: Must Sell Screenplay!, Director: Arun Lakra
Short Film (Jury Award): Come Away with Me, Director: Ellen Gerstein
Short Film (Audience Award): The Lake, Director: Michael Buie
Short Film (Festival Director Award): Pyramid Scream, Director: Katie Uhlmann
Documentary Short: 20, Director: Steve Koven
Sci-Fi/Horror Short: Point of View, Director: Justin Harding
Animated Short: The Monster Infant, Director: Neil H. Warren
Short Short: Stock – A Short Film, Director: Gabriel Yee
Experimental Short: Red Earth Calling, Director: Jennifer Jessum

Screenplay Award categories:
Feature Screenplay: The Night Witches, by Steven Prowse
Sci-Fi / Horror Screenplay: In the Dark, by Dorothy Leiper & Fernando Monteiro

Congratulations to all our 2015 Winners!

Here’s the line-up for the 2015 Toronto Indie.

All films are screened at the Carlton Cinema in downtown Toronto

To buy festival tickets visit the Carlton Cinema and select the screening date from the drop down menu.

Feature film tickets cost $10 per film, shorts blocks cost $10 per 80 minute block.

Thursday Sept 10

18:00 – Feature Film: Us (75 min)

dir. by Rob Tari


A down on his luck cartoonist who leaves the Hollywood scene to come back home to the small town of Davenport. There, he reunites with his childhood friends in their old hangout and embark on an unforgettable night.

19:45 – Shorts Block 1

The Ninth Floor (8m) dir. by Jessica Thalmann
Turncoat (13m) dir. by Emily Sandifer
Erebus (13m) dir. by Gareth Probert
Winners (20m) dir. by Ryan Dickie
Pyramid Scream (7m) dir. by Katie Uhlmann
Check, Please! (13m) dir. by Camille Brown

21:15 – Boned (84 min)

dir. by by Laura Lee Bahr


She wants the dog, he wants to bone.


Friday Sept 11

18:00 – Feature Film: Bluebird (81 min)

dir. by Matthew Hardstaff


A missing woman returns with no memory of her ordeal and little memory of her life before. She struggles for answers and, in reconstituting who she was, Kate reinvents herself in a most unexpected way.

19:45 – Shorts Block 2

5PiX (9m) dir. by Shawn Gerrard
W4M (11m) dir. by Jonathan Popalis
Shot in the Dark (15m) dir. by Alanna Smith
Reverse (5m) dir. by Alex Chung
First Timers (11m) dir. by Jeff So
Runaway Bar (10m) dir. by Ryan Liu

21:15 – Film: Gone Tomorrow (90 min)

dir. by Jordan Brown


Five years after taking the fall for his younger brother, a tormented ex-con flees parole to find his kidnapped baby niece


Saturday Sept 12

18:00 – Music Videos (76 min)

The Sun Is Rising dir. by Lloyd Frost
Fade Away dir. by Nikhil Korula
Paisley Dayz dir. by Alexis DeBad
Blurred Memories dir. by Joffrey Saintrapt
Witch In Me — Cecilia G. dir. by Jacopo Miceli
Must Sell Screenplay! dir. by Arun Lakra
Every Single Day by Blaise Villars
Emotions dir. by Carlos Hurtado
Close To Me dir. by Daniel AM Rosenberg
Harmonial dir. by Yassin Koptan
Vertigo dir. by Justin Thomas Ostensen
Heaven dir. by Daniel Feighery
Oval Room dir. by Jeff Wyatt Wilson & Gin Cooley
Look Back Once dir. by Brad Burke
Kentish Fire dir. by Warren Gebhardt
Taste It dir. by Ish Sahotay

19:45 – Shorts Block 3

Red Earth Calling (13m) dir. by Jennifer Jessum
Pop (13m) dir. by Ryan O’Toole
The Spirit in 39B (12m) dir. by Stephen Corston
HIRO (11m) dir. by Godefroy Ryckewaert
Mature Young Adults (10m) dir. by Kent Nolan
O (15m) dir. by July Allard

21:15 – Girl on the Edge

dir. by Jay Silverman


The journey of a girl struggling with the aftermath of a horrific trauma, the toll that it takes on her family, and the last chance she has to overcome it in the most unlikely of places.


Sunday Sept 13

18:00 – Feature Film: Bomb! Burning Fantasy (68 min)

dir. by Matteo Scarfo



A docu-film about the Poetry and the Life of the Beat generation poet Gregory Corso. He was one of the most important poets in the late twentieth century.


19:30 – Shorts Block 4

Cheese Dog: The Movie (15m) dir. by Jamie Dwyer & Justin Ulloa
Helio (20m) dir. by Teddy Cecil
Come Away With Me (16m) dir. by Ellen Gerstein
Lifeline (18m) dir. by Jeffery Wang
Contingent (6m) dir. by Phil Moniz

21:00 – Feature Film: The Rocket List (84 min)

dir. by Akash Sherman

Drama / Sci-Fi

A group of friends document themselves fulfilling their bucket lists before the world ends. The plan is to launch the archive into space, preserving one last memory of humanity.


Monday Sept 14

18:00 – Feature Film: American Native (84 min)

dir. by Steven Oritt


Thirty miles from New York City, tucked away in the Ramapo Mountains of New Jersey, lives an indigenous tribe shrouded in mystery and discrimination, fighting for recognition as Native Americans…The Ramapough Lenape Indians.

19:45 – Documentary Shorts Block 5

The Boobie Trap (7m) dir. by Alex Vaillancourt
Growing Up Grateful (12m) dir. by Ross Belot
Fade Away dir. by Nikhil Korula
Stock – A Short Film (5m) dir. by Gabriel Yee
Reinventing The Reel (20m) dir. by Michael Gorlick
Jump (7m) dir. by Joel Ruscinski
Head Over Heels (9m) dir. by Nevada McEniry-Hatajlo
Sideshow of the Absurd (15m) dir. by Jane C. Wagner & Tina DiFeliciantonio

21:15 – Feature Film: She Sings to the Stars (108 min)

dir. by Jennifer Corcoran


A Native American grandmother who lives very simply alone in the desert, actually inhabits a world that her half-Hispanic grandson and a white, aging magician are surprised to re-discover.


Tuesday Sept 15

18:00 – Feature Film: Reel in the Closet (70 min)

dir. by Stu Maddux




19:30 – Shorts Block 6

Getting Ready for a Lunch Date (6m) dir. by Patrick Hodgson
Rupert’s Time (15m) dir. by Vittorio Garcia
La guerre des bleuets (13m) dir. by Anik Salas
YIKES (11m) dir. by Michael Fodera
Becoming Sophie (15m) dir. by Crystal Lowe
Policy of Truth (12m) dir. by Nick Demos

21:15 – Feature Film: The Norfolk Woods (91 min)

dir. by Paul Schiller & Chris Schiller


An Idyllic place, frozen in time, six friends will open a doorway revealing a deadly stranger and the truth behind the murders at Angus Lake.


Wednesday Sept 16

18:00 – Feature Film: Ecdysis (80m)

dir. by Lior Khananaev


An obsessive scientist experiments his banned drug on a child to realize its defectiveness; as a result, the two grow older to share an intolerable hate for one another.

19:45 – Shorts Block 7

20 (20m). dir. by Steve Koven
Blue Bluff Creek (10m) dir. by Nicolas Di Stefano
The Adventures of Meow Meow (3m) dir. by Dennis Zaidi
The Lake (15m) dir. by Michael Buie
Polished (15m) dir. by Liv Collins
Cold Chalk (11m) dir. by Jehad Al-Khateeb

21:15 – Film: Ermon County (96 min)

dir. by David Jacombs


An estranged brother and sister receive a mysterious plea to return to their home town to find their missing brother, only to discover an ancient, sinister plot in the works


Thursday Sept 17

18:00 – Feature Film: Runt (63 min)

dir. by Augusto Monk


Best known for his mural at Lee’s Palace, RUNT is the subject matter for this documentary that covers the making of latest mural in Parkdale, reviews his prolific 30-year-long career, and features the artist’s unmistakably personal and provoking style.

19:30 – Shorts Block 8

Thank You For Calling (9m) dir. by Matthew Read
Tape (18m) dir. by Sierra Parr
Mannequin (8m) dir. by Mehdi Nowroozi
Jadon (7m) dir. by Abraham Bankole
Sinkers (16m) dir. by Ian Pozzebon
Cupid (14m) dir. by Maria De Sanctis

21:00 – Feature Film: Homages (88 min)

dir. by Bryan Nagle


A seriocomic look at the strange dynamics between three neurotic friends entangled in crime, romance, and psychiatric drugs.


Friday Sept 18

18:00 – Feature Film: Cold Season (80 min)

dir. by Carley Smale


An independent modern day musical that follows an up-and-coming musician, who upon selling her bed frame to an injured stranger on Christmas Eve, decides to spend the night helping him build it.

19:45 – Shorts Block 9

Necromancy (11m) dir. by Nathan Laughland
In The Weeds (16m) dir. by Joy Webster
The Holtzknecht Experiment (14m) dir. by Rudy Cimic
The Gift (15m) dir. by Mardig Sheridan
Irreparable Damage (8m) dir. by Julian Aboui
The Homecoming (12m, Mexico) dir. by Nadia Islas

21:15 – Feature Film: Let’s Rap (103 min)

dir. by Neil Huber


A hapless brother and sister with a gift for pop-culture infused banter embark on an ill-conceived quest to get their own talk show, encountering romance and sabotage along the way


Saturday Sept 19

18:00 – Feature Film: A Ghost and the Boy [with a Box on his Head] (72 min)

dir. by Philip Blue


The best day of Theo’s life never existed.

19:45 – Sci-Fi / Horror Shorts Block 10

Sir John A. & The Curse Of The Anti-Quenched (12m) dir. by Adam Kirkey
The Monster Infant:An Experiment in Revivication (6m) dir. by Neil H Warren
The Lazarus Files (16m) dir. by Kyle Reaume
Point of View (8m) dir. by Justin Harding
Among Flowers (16m) dir. by Benjamin Irwin
Gateway (15m) dir. by Matt Mullen

21:15 – Feature Film: Valley of the Sasquatch (91 min)

dir. by John Portanova


A fractured family battles against a tribe of angry Sasquatch.