Submission FAQ

Below are answers to frequently asked questions.

When is the next festival?
Toronto Indie 2016 will run Sept 8-1872016 in Toronto, Canada. The same time as the Toronto Film Festival

Where are the selected films shown?
Toronto Indie films are shown at the Carlton Cinema in downtown Toronto.

Will i receive feedback or comments on my film?
No. Due to the high volume of submissions received every year, we are unable to provide feedback on your film.

What is the shipping address for packages?
Mail your screeners to:
Toronto Independent Film Festival2100 Bloor St. West, Suite 6130
Toronto, Ontario, M6S 5A5 Canada

How many films do you accept in the festival?
We the next festival line-up will include about 80 films. 22 features and 60 shorts.

What are the screening format for selected films?
The projects selected for the Festival mainly screened off DVD, Blu Ray, or Digital hard drive. We accept both NTSC and PAL. If your title is accepted, our Screenings Dept will discuss screening formats with you. Due to technical constraints, Toronto Indie cannot accept 16mm screening copies.

Which Preview Copy Formats do you accept?
Entries must be submitted on DVD. Toronto Indie accepts both PAL and NTSC formats. Region 2 (US&Canada) and region 0 (no region) are preferred but we accept DVDs in all regions. We recommend that you TEST your disk on a stand-alone DVD player BEFORE sending it to our offices.

Can I submit a work-in-progress or “rough cut”?
Works-in-progress are welcomed. Our programmers are very used to watching rough cuts, and will judge the film accordingly.

Does your deadline refer to arrival or postage dates?
We will accept all submissions with a postmark dated on or before our deadline. Please see our Rules and Regulations.

Will my screener be returned to me?
No. Due to the large volume of titles received by our Submissions team, we are unable to return your screeners.

Do you waive fees for starving student filmmakers and/or established artists?
No. The reality is that it costs time and money for us to administrate the entire film submission process. We’re not getting rich. But we do have to cover our basic costs.

I have two shorts and they’re both on one dvd. Do I have to send them as separate entries?
Yes. Each work you submit must be submitted separately, and only one submission per dvd.

Do you consider requests for deadline extensions?
Please contact us if you need an extension. Before requesting an extension, please understand that the later we receive your film, the less time we have to view it. This means that your video can be viewed fewer times and by fewer people on our programming team.

Should I send a publicity kit with my submission?
No. We will require an electronic press kits ONLY if your film is selected. In keeping with our efforts to become a carbon neutral festival, we request that you do not send press kits, photo stills or any other propaganda materials.